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“This is not what Judaism stands for!” – Jewish Palestine supporters yell at Jewish Zionist woman + VIDEO

A Zionist woman at a protest ran into pro-Palestine supporters and was shocked, enraged and agitated, mainly because the pro-Palestine supporters were Jewish, and she expected them to be pro-Israel.

In the video that surfaced on social media yesterday, the Jewish Palestine supporters were seen trying to reason with the Zionist woman, while waving Palestinian flags.

In the conversation that ensued, the Jewish Palestine supporters were trying to make their argument for why Israel was in the wrong, but the Zionist is seen yelling at them, scolding them for taking the side of the Palestinians, and saying they couldn’t have been Jews if they thought that way.

The pro-Palestine supporters argued that it was because they believed in God that they knew that Israel was in the wrong.

The war between Israel and Palestine has been raging for quite sometime now, with members of the general public calling on celebrities to take sides, while condemning others for not taking sides, or speaking up in favor of who they think is in the right.

Most people seem to be on the side of Palestine, as they consider Israel to have been oppressing Palestine now for many decades.

Watch the video here:

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