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Chief of Defense Staff calls out Finnish government for shielding Simon Ekpa, lists out challenges faced in fighting terrorism + VIDEO

Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defense Staff has expressed his concern and called for the arrest of the self-proclaimed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Prime Minister, Simon Ekpa, who has been causing strife in Southeast Nigeria, despite not residing in the country.

He said this during a Channels TV special broadcast on June 12 to mark Democracy Day.

He also called out the Finnish government for shielding the Biafra agitator, as Ekpa has been residing in Finland for a while. He feels the European Union has allowed the Finnish government to be complicit in the trouble Ekpa is stirring up, even though it would not have sat by and watched if Ekpa was causing trouble in Finland from Nigeria.

“We have repeatedly complained about the issue of Simon Ekpa. He is in Finland and the Finnish Government is giving him all the support and he is doing what he is doing,” he said.

“The comments he is making, people are being killed and nothing is being done. This is democracy. If the European Union is supporting democracy and this is happening and they are not taking action, then they don’t mean well for Nigeria.

“We have said that in clear terms. We need to diplomatically find means of getting him out of whatever it is that he is doing. He must be arrested, he must be prosecuted.

“Look at it from the other way, assuming he is in Nigeria, he is doing that to the Finnish government, you think the European Union will allow that to happen? They definitely will not,” Musa said

Watch video here:

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