Movie producers must unite Nigeria with their works -Joke Silva

Nollywood veteran actress Joke Silva emphasizes the imperative for screenwriters and filmmakers to strive towards fostering unity in Nigeria through their work, especially during this period in the country’s history.

Joke Silva noted this on Friday at FilmHouse Cinemas in Lekki, Lagos, during her keynote address at the closing ceremony of the week-long 2024 Emerge Story 3.0 Conference.

In her speech titled “Building a Bridge Connecting the Generations of Female Storytellers,” Joke Silva emphasized the importance of patriotic screenwriters in Nigeria. She stressed that these writers play a crucial role in fostering unity and supporting the country’s progress and development.

With a career spanning since 1981, the seasoned practitioner highlighted Nigeria’s rich history and underscored the significance of storytellers in the nation-building process.

“Unless we are living on the moon, Nigeria is in challenging moments, but what is our role as storytellers?

“Our role is to do our very best in our storytelling to unite the country. We have been staying together for over 60 years. Let us write our stories to unify.

“Music is unifying everywhere, fashion is unifying very well. Films, especially now must unify. Our stories now should be stories that interrogate issues and proffer solutions.

“It is our role to give hope to the nation that is proving difficult to cope with,” she said.

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