Focus on my music, not my relationship – Yemi Alade urges fans

Queen of Afrohouse, Yemi Alade has made a clear plea to her fans to prioritize her music over her personal life.

The 35-year-old songstress emphasized her desire for the public to concentrate only on her music rather than her relationship status.

“I would like people to continue to focus on the things that I am willing to share with them, which is the music,” Alade said firmly during the interview when quizzed about her current relationship status.

Yemi Alade, also highlighted challenges of navigating the ever-evolving music industry.

“The music industry has always been tough, even before I showed any interest in it,” she said.

“However, it is said that ‘tough times never last but tough people do.’ I believe that the strongest will always survive.”

Discussing her upcoming album, “Rebel Queen,” Yemi Alade provided insights into its thematic content.

“They include femininity, style, dance , motivational, liberation and consciousness. Growing up, African pop music was a mixture of songs that carried messages and helped listeners through different situations.

This album is a blend of what my playlist consists of right now, particularly the new and old pop music that cut across generations and boundaries. I have always charted my own course, and walked the path less travelled.

I believe that I am a true rebel in words and action. A lot of albums tend to be monotonous in genre and style, and it bores me silly most times. This album has something new, old and borrowed. Every song is unique, and is like a capsule of my thoughts and melodies, as well as a lot of nostalgia,” Yemi Alade added.

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