Yemi Alade kicks against house demolitions in Lagos

Yemi Alade, has spoken out against the recent wave of house demolitions in Lagos, criticizing the government for making life more difficult for citizens.

In a video message shared on her Instagram account, Yemi Alade expressed her dismay at the ongoing demolitions, which she believes are negatively impacting the real estate sector and driving investors away.

“Lagos State, what’s going on? Does it make sense that people will invest millions of naira and dollars into real estate; buy houses and lands and the state government will demolish the place and render people homeless overnight?

This thing is happening repeatedly. Right now, Maryland, Mende area is on fire. People are sleeping in their houses, waking up the next day, homeless.”

Yemi Alade argued that the demolitions are not only ruining the real estate value of the state and country but also eroding people’s trust and hope.

“You’re ruining the real estate value of the state and country, making people lose trust not only just in the idea of Nigeria but lose hope entirely in the little coins they saved to make their lives worthwhile. How is this okay? Why why?”she added.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, has however explained that the demolished houses were built on drainage channels.

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