Career switch to tech profitable, even for gamers

Sports writer, Iyke Bede, argues that there are endless opportunities for people who wish to work in the tech space, stating that the Nigerian tech space can attract professionals in other fields to it, including those in the gaming industry, ThisDay Live reports.

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, the Nigerian tech space has unsurprisingly continued to grow, making it lucrative for people with skills from various walks of life to approach problem-solving with a variety of modern methods.

This multifaceted tech space includes many niche areas including software development, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, UI/UX designs, and even cyber security, all of which are essential in its bid to solve various users’ problems.

Nigeria has the potential to grow, at a rate on par with some leading nations in technological advancements including China and the United States, both of which have experienced a boom over the past few decades.

The opportunity for this growth is presented by the historically low adoption of tech devices and applications, making it possible for individuals who desire a tech career to bridge the gap this slow adoption has created. Many professionals have succeeded in making a full transition to a tech career or found ways to enhance their work processes through tech products, but even more professionals don’t have to first clue on how to achieve this.

Techpreneurs and tech experts engaged in a fireside chat tagged ‘High Tech —Career Trajectories and Opportunities in Software Development’ to discuss the hindrances faced when trying to transition to tech careers, especially software development.

This insightful and productive discussion took place as they convened at the first The Omniverse Africa Summit held at Landmark Event Center, Lagos.

There were four panelists. They were:
– Co-founder, Semicolon, Ashley Immanuel
– Co-founder, Blusalt, Adetokunbo Iginla
– Director, Ecosystem and Partnerships, Propel, Wamide Animashaun
– Founder, Testify Limited, Ibironke Yekinni

These thought leaders highlighted the opportunities in the software development field. They then revealed how they got into their various tech careers. While discussing, they pointed out many factors that could ensure a seamless transition into tech.

These factors include:


Iginla emphasized the importance of gaining relevant skills to be competent in the tech world, saying that the best way to acquire said skills is by getting certifications, and certifications can only be obtained if you train and prepare suitably for them. He cited the abundance of learning materials and information online, as things that could help in training for certifications.

Interest in learning

Animashaun says that it’s important to decide early on what you are interested in, as that would streamline your learning process and it would also help focus your resources and energy on the right materials.

“If you need to transition, the first thing is always to start with what you really want to do. Identify strengths and opportunities to match skills with. Start from the basics,” Animashaun said.

Desire to solve problems

The panel highlighted that every software is designed to address a certain problem, so exploring how software applications can address even more problems can become quite rewarding.

“We have to understand the solutions that these techs are trying to solve. A solution like Blockchain is trying to solve the problem of decentralization. Today, we know that there is something fundamentally wrong with value, and these kinds of tech are trying to solve them,” Iginla noted.

Meeting demands

Yekinni spoke on the direct relationship between thoroughness and productivity and meeting consumers’ needs. A successful career in project management, project management, software testing, and software development, amongst others, showed her that attention to detail is a non-negotiable for career growth.

“For an application to function properly, it has to be tested. A lot of problems you run into when using financial apps are because they are not well-tested. Software testers validate the quality of apps, ensuring that they meet the requirements,” Yekinni said.

Curiosity in exploring tech concepts

Immanuel emphasized the need for curiosity in approaching tech, not always just about career advancement. She revealed that creativity ensures you stay relevant and gives you the edge over others and that creativity will be borne out of curiosity.

She said, “The truth is, in the future of work, the skills that are going to be required are lifelong learning and creativity.”

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