Why women are being pitted against each other in music industry – Simi

Nigerian singer Simi, has shed light on the often-strained relationships between female artists in the music industry.

In a recent interview with Angela Yee, Simi revealed that the constant pitting of female artists against each other by fans creates undue pressure on their relationships.

According to Simi, the intense comparisons and rivalries fueled by fans can be distracting and hindering, especially given the already limited number of female artists in the industry compared to their male counterparts.

“Fans pit women against each other in the music industry. It’s so intense sometimes. Sometimes it can be really distracting because there are not as many of us in the [music] industry compared to the guys,” she said.

Simi emphasized that female artists can co-exist and thrive without being pitted against each other.

She stated that even though she has consistently advocated for women’s empowerment through her music and public statements, her message is still been often misunderstood.

Simi clarified:

“When a new female artist breaks into the industry, they [fans] just pit her against us with all forms of comparisons.

“We can all thrive. I have spoken about women several times even in my songs. But because I’m an artist people assume that the only way my talking about women can be valid is by featuring women in my songs. It’s just so weird because there are women in different walks of life.

“They do pit us against each other a lot and I think sometimes that puts some pressure on the kind of relationship that we would have otherwise.”

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