We don’t offer our wives to visitors for sex - Ikpambese

Maurice Ikpambese, Chief Judge of Benue State, refuted the claim that Tiv men offer their wives to visitors for sex according to law and custom, and it was malicious to even suggest it, Premium Times reports.

The Benue State High Court made this declaration in a judgement delivered by Ikpambese on Tuesday.

The claim was made by Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemate Venita Akpofure in a live broadcast of the show.

The claim spurred a nonprofit organization, Mzough U Tiv, into action. Mzough U Tiv filed a lawsuit against the Tiv Area Traditional Council (TATC).

Douglas Pepe stood as the counsel for TATC, and showed surprise that the TATC only resorted to condemning Akpofure verbally for what he considered to be outright defamatory claims, rather than filing a lawsuit against the reality show housemate.

TATC is a cultural body, and in fact the overarching body responsible for safeguarding the interests of the Tiv.

Pepe pointed out the damage such a claim could have on the reputation of Tiv people as well as the culture, when such a claim is made carelessly in the presence of millions of people, as BBNaija is a show broadcast to hundreds of millions worldwide by Multimedia company MultiChoice.

Pepe argued that it was better if Akpofure said she was referring to her own marriage to a Tiv man, as that would not have been defamatory, merely just referring to a personal experience.

Pepe finally argued that Akpofure’s claim had no basis and was a falsehood.

On Pepe’s request, the Court made the declaration that Akpofure’s statement was malicious and false, and should not be paid any attention.

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