Tragic! Nigerian doctor d!es 5 months after wedding

Nigerian doctors on social media are currently mourning their colleague, Saghir Mahmoud, who passed away on Tuesday, May 14. According to the doctors, late Saghir got married in December 2023 and took ill afterwards. Sadly, he lost his fight to the ailment on Tuesday.

While mourning him on X, a friend of the deceased, @el_bonga wrote

‘’Our friend @bigsaggy, a medical doctor, got married in December 2023. However, in January 2024, he collapsed on duty and got hospitalised. He later went into comma and was transferred to Lagos. All that while, he hardly knew his whereabout. Today, he died after months at the ICU.

Dr. Sagir was a young man full of intelligence and passion about his medical field. Very humble and friendly, he was someone with a very bright future. Nonetheless, the creator knows best by taking him away from us this soon. You hardly see him angry amongst friends.

This life is very unpredictable. Death is always lurking around. Dr. Sagir got married in December 2023 in what was supposed to be his proudest moment to settle in order to start a family. Quite sadly, that proudest moment of his life came with a different challenging chapter.

A young man in his early thirties is gone. If he’d been told a day earlier he would collapse while on duty as a doctor, he would doubt the possibility of that happening. This isn’t the first case of people collapsing at work. It’s really sad for such a young, promising man.

In a 2013 tweet, Dr. Sagir once tweeted about the ineluctability of death coming to people when they least expect it. 11 years later, death came to him when he least expected it. This is a man full of dreams and career aspirations in the medical field.

May Allah have mercy on Dr. Sagir Haruna Mamuda. May He for

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