The bar is now so low, even a rat can jump over it – Tayo Faniran on BB Africa’s current recruitment process

Big Brother Africa reality show star and actor, Tayo Faniran has expressed disappointment with the show’s current recruitment process, recalling how difficult it was for him to get in back in 2014.

He fought the show’s organizers for recruiting just anybody, unlike in his time when it took him many years of auditions to be selected.

Expressing his anger on his Instagram story, Faniran said “I did not like social media because I thought it watered down the value of fame.

“I auditioned for the show in 2009 and I only made it in 2014, but today any dirty low life with fruitless life can become popular on the tiny screens.

“It’s such a shame when the bar becomes too low even a rat would effortlessly jump it.

“I am super upset tonight, and to all the enablers of mediocrity, continue, you are only ruining the ground your future generations will dwell on.”

In 2020, Tayo Faniran called out African youth living fake lives, saying they are more concerned about a competition that doesn’t exist, leading them to live fake lives on social media.

Advising young people to look for real things to do, he urged them not to get immersed in the fake social media life.

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