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Taiwan diplomat tells FG to prioritise school security in the country

The Representative and Head of Mission of the Taipei Trade Office in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Andy Yih-Ping Liu, has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to prioritise the security of all schools across the nation.

In an interview, Yih-Ping Liu said that there was no perfect model for enhancing education and ensuring school security, but the safety of learners remained paramount for significant progress in the education sector.

He said, “There is no perfect model, but one approach the federal government can consider is enhancing security measures in schools. However, the issue of kidnapping is severe, making school security a persistent challenge,” stated Yih-Ping Liu.

“Whether at the federal or state level, concerted efforts are required to establish teams dedicated to securing schools in various states, enabling students to pursue education from elementary to high school levels. This is crucial in preparing students to become a skilled workforce for Nigeria. The government must prioritise combating terrorism and banditry, with the military and state authorities collaborating to create safe environments for children to attend school,” he added.

Yih-Ping Liu also reiterated Taiwan’s remarkable literacy rate, with over 98 per cent of the population being literate. He attributed this to compulsory and free basic education in Taiwan.

“Our literacy rate exceeds 98 per cent, largely attributable to our commitment to basic education. Every generation has access to free public schooling from grade one to grade 12,” he explained.

Regarding the cost of education, Yih-Ping Liu stressed the accessibility of free education in Taiwan and expressed his intention to enroll his children in government schools due to their affordability.

“Higher education or vocational training may incur additional costs, but primary and secondary education are free of charge. As a middle-class individual, I prefer sending my children to public schools to avoid high tuition fees. Public schools offer nearly free education, along with textbooks, qualified teachers, and even free meals, demonstrating the government’s dedication to encouraging school enrollment,” he concluded.

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