Sabinus and wife break silence on domestic violence rumours

  • Nigerian skit maker Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekiru better known as Sabinus and his wife, Ciana Chapman, were recently trailed by rumours of domestic violence following the claims of online blogger, Cutie Julls.

The faceless blogger made the allegation in an Instagram post on Thursday afternoon, May 16, writing:

“Why does Sabinus likes beating his iyawo tho? Men, just when you think one is better, they disappoint you.”

Reacting in the comment section of the post, Sabinus, also known as Mr Funny, debunked the allegation, saying that they live in two different countries and his wife has been in the UK for two years.

How can I lay my hands on a woman that stays in UK. Omo una really funny for this country o !! She has been in the UK for two years now. Omo na wa o.”

Also responding, Ciana who recently welcomed a baby with her husband warned the blog to keep her and her family’s name out of their mouth.

Not stopping there, she went on to ask how possible it would be for Sabinus, who is based in Nigeria, to be hitting her in the UK. She wrote on her Instagram story:

“Cutie Jules, take my name and that of family of your mouth and page!!!

How can my husband be in Nigeria and be hitting me here in the UK???.”

Sabinus and Ciana Chapman announced

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