Runtown left my label with $1.5m debt’ – Dilly Umeniyora

Dilly Umeniyora, CEO of Eric Many Entertainment, says his former signee, Runtown’s departure from the label left an outstanding debt of $1.5 million.

“When Runtown left my label he owed me about $1.5 million,” he said in an exclusive interview.

Umeniyora also expressed his confidence in his new artiste, Gnewzy, stating that he possesses exceptional talent and has the potential to surpass Runtown’s success.

“My new artiste Gnewzy is very talented. So far as he is healthy, there’s no way I would not make profit from my investment in him. Because he is better than Runtown. Umeniyora declared.

The music executive attributed his ability to identify talented artistes to his keen ear for music. He recounted his experience with Runtown, saying:

“I signed Runtown because I’ve the ears for music. I was patient with Runtown. Runtown blew in five years, Gnewzy will blow in less than one and a half years,”

Runtown signed with Eric Many Entertainment in 2014 and released his debut album, ‘Ghetto University‘, the following year.

However, the disconnection soared in 2016 when Runtown accused the label of threatening his life after attempting to cancel his contract with them.

The dispute continued to escalate, with various allegations hurled around until judicial injunctions were necessary to restore sanity.

The legal dispute ended in January 2019 when the court decided in favor of Runtown.

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