Protest, but don’t disrupt law and order – EFCC warns Nigerians planning protests

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has heard of plans to protest against its method of operations and has issued a clear and very public warning to those behind it.

In the past few days, there have been widespread calls for a nationwide protest against the EFCC following illegal raids carried out by its operatives on Nigerian citizens.

These calls intensified after a video purported to be showing some EFCC officers manhandling a female staff of a popular hotel in Lagos emerged on major social media platforms.

However, the anti-graft agency via an X statement on Wednesday, July 3, claims a shady group has been mobilizing young Nigerians to protest against the EFCC.

According to the EFCC, this movement is being promoted as a form of resistance to its enforcement activities, particularly those targeting cybercrimes.

The Commission expressed concerns about the involvement of individuals under investigation or prosecution.

To them, these corrupt elements may be attempting to incite a national uprising that could threaten the country’s peace and security.

EFCC acknowledges the right of citizens to protest but emphasizes that disruptions to law and order, especially around its office locations nationwide, would be met with the full force of the law.

The Commission has stated that it is collaborating with other security agencies to address any potential threats, also calling on parents, guardians, and heads of tertiary institutions to prevent their wards from being exploited as tools in this campaign against the Commission.

Furthermore, the agency stressed that its efforts to combat corruption and cybercrime are aimed at safeguarding the future of Nigeria’s youth.

Dele Oyewale, the commission’s Head of Media and Publicity, insists that the EFCC remains committed to maintaining Nigeria’s stability and security through these never-ending challenges.

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