NIMC flags five websites for data breach, warns Nigerians to stay away

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has flagged five websites for allegedly collecting Nigerians’ data illegally. These websites are:

– Verify.Ng/sign in

The NIMC’s spokesperson, Kayode Adegoke warned people to stay away from these websites since they could be scams collecting data without permission.

This comes after Paradigm Initiative raised concerns about some sites selling personal data like National Identification Numbers (NIN), Bank Verification Numbers (BVN), and International Passports.

Paradigm Initiative raised alarms about unauthorized websites selling personal data for ₦100, warning that this could lead to identity theft, financial fraud, and other serious risks.

They pointed out that leaked data could put individuals in danger and threaten the national economy, with burglars, kidnappers, or terrorists potentially exploiting this information.

However, NIMC reassured Nigerians that their sensitive data is safe and hasn’t been compromised. They warned against using unauthorised sites and emphasised that only approved partners can verify NINs.

The Commission is working with security agencies to catch fake vendors and promised legal action against offenders, urging everyone to stay vigilant and trust NIMC’s security measures.

(Techpoint Africa)

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