Naira Abuse: I’m the only artist who stops people from spraying me money – Seun Kuti

Nigerian singer Seun Kuti has taken a bold stance against the practice of spraying money on artists during performances, claiming he’s the only one who actively prevents it.

In a video message shared on his Instagram page, Seun Kuti condemned the widespread habit of naira abuse, particularly among fuji musicians who usually praise individuals in their songs solely to receive cash.

Kuti’s comments come amidst the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) crackdown on naira abusers. He stated:

I don’t even like to be sprayed. I’m the only artist that stops people from spraying me. Even my dad, the legendary Fela didn’t prevent people from spraying him but he demanded the denominations he wanted to be sprayed.”

Kuti also criticized other artists, including Sunny Ade and KWAM 1, for perpetuating the practice by singing praise songs in exchange for cash.

He also believes this culture was started by politicians, who made spraying of Naira a normal behavior.

“Nobody wey Sunny Ade never sing for so he can be sprayed. Everybody name. KWAM 1 … eh eh. It is the politicians that made spraying a standard behaviour” he added.

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