My mother planned my wedding during my father’s birthday party – D’banj

Veteran singer Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, professionally known as D’banj, has shared details about his marriage.

In a recent interview, on TVC’s ‘Your View,’ D’banj disclosed that his mother orchestrated his marriage during his father’s birthday party.

D’Banj explained how he managed to avoid controversies despite being a celebrity.

D’banj recounted that during his father’s birthday celebration, his mother asked him to bring his girlfriend to meet the family and inquired if he was thinking about marriage.

At the time, D’banj was not ready for marriage, as he envisioned a big wedding.

He said to his surprise, his mother had secretly arranged a wedding ceremony for him on his father’s birthday, revealing the surprise with a ‘Happy Wedding’ cake during the celebration.

However, D’banj expressed his gratitude for his mother’s foresight, acknowledging the difficulties often faced in celebrity marriages.

“My mother planned everything. She told me don’t worry, this is what we are going to do, so my dad’s birthday is July 2nd, so we were going to celebrate his birthday.

“She told me to bring the girl I was dating so they could all see her and questioned if I would marry her. I told her I wasn’t ready, that I wanted to do a big thing. She told me I would definitely do a big wedding, but first, I should bring her for Daddy’s birthday.

“As we finished Daddy’s birthday, they rolled Daddy’s cake and brought out ‘Happy Wedding’. My brother, D’Prince, was there, and he also was as surprised as I was. And till today, I thank her every day of how so far ahead she saw it and how I see social media stories”.


Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiKpVby-gr0

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