My family sent me away to hustle at 15 – Seyi Vibez

Nigerian singer Seyi Vibez, born Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi, has shared the story of his early life struggles and the courage it took to pursue his dreams.

In a recent conversation with Cool FM, Lagos, the singer shared how his family encouraged him to go out on his own to work towards supporting himself and his family.

Speaking on his early struggles, Seyi Vibez said:

“I left home when I was 15. Things were difficult in the ghetto, so I had to make way for myself. Even my own family freed me. They said, ‘Go, don’t die here. It’s better you go away and hustle for yourself’.”

Seyi Vibez became famous following the release of his single ‘Chance (Na Ham)’ in 2022.

He won the Best Street-Hop Artiste with the song at the 16 Headies Awards in 2023.

Seyi Vibez recently acquired a brand new Lamborghini Urus worth millions of Naira.

The news, which quickly went viral, was shared across various social media platforms, showcasing the artist’s latest addition to his collection.

In a series of posts, Seyi Vibez can be seen posing with his luxurious new vehicle, which is valued in the multi-million naira range.

The Lamborghini Urus, known for its performance and sleek design, has now found its place among the possessions of the “Chance” coroner.

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