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Kanye West visits Moscow

US rapper Kanye West was in Moscow, according to Russian media, on Sunday, June 30

Western artists have mostly not performed in Russia during its Ukraine offensive, which led to massive US and European sanctions on Moscow, as well as travel restrictions to the country.

Kanye West, who has stirred controversy with his political statements in the United States and was recently accused of praising Adolf Hitler, has expressed admiration for President Vladimir Putin in the past.

“Kanye West is already in Moscow! This is great news, he is staying in the heart of the capital,” the state TASS news agency quoted producer Yana Rudkovskaya as saying on social media.

Her announcement followed rumours last month that West will perform a concert in Moscow.

But Luzhniki Stadium, where he was rumoured to perform, told state media it does not have information on possible concerts by the famous rapper.

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