Junior Pope: Angela Okorie berates Zubby Michael for publicizing donation 

Nollywood star Angela Okorie has lambasted her colleague, Zubby Michael, for publicizing his donation to the family of their late colleague, Junior Pope.

Daily Post reports that a video capturing the moment Michael made a donation to Junior Pope’s widow, Jennifer Awele, and their children, has gone viral on social media.

Reacting, Okorie berated Michael for making the donation “on camera.”

She noted that the burial of a young person is not the right place to flaunt cash.

On her Instagram story, she wrote: “Zubby na young person die, that showcase of money wasn’t necessary. But as a local boy that you are, you don’t have sense. You don’t know where to do show and where to behave well.

“Abi you get money pass all the dignitaries wey come there? Mugu.”

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