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July 4: UK Prime Minister Sunak casts vote as country decides next government

The current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has voted in the ongoing general election in the United Kingdom (UK).

Sunak voted early on Thursday, July 4, in North Yorkshire, according to BBC.

The Prime Minister and his wife Akshata Murty popped over to their polling station in a village hall in Northallerton, about half an hour after the polls opened.

Polls are now open in the UK as voters cast their ballots to elect local Members of Parliament (MPs) and decide the country’s next government.

Voters need a valid photo ID to vote, with passports and driving licenses included among accepted forms of identification.

Polling stations close at 10 pm, with an exit poll shortly after to give an early indication of the results.

Recall that last weekend, Sunak slammed an anti-immigration Reform UK party campaigner for using racist slurs against him as the general election campaign entered its final week.

Campaigners were caught on camera making offensive comments in Clacton-on-Sea in eastern England, where the Reform UK leader, Nigel Farage, is hoping to be elected as a Member of Parliament on Thursday, July 4.

One of the campaigners was heard using racist slurs against Rishi Sunak who is British-Indian.

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