Is WhatsApp about to release a cool new feature?

WhatsApp is close to releasing a new feature that will enable users send messages to other applications like Telegram and Signal, India Today reports.


As things stand, you can interact with other social media apps from WhatsApp, like being able to share WhatsApp updates as Facebook stories as well. This feature, though, only applies to other Meta-owned social media applications.


This new feature, if released, will enable users to send messages to users on other platforms from WhatsApp.


There are privacy concerns, and understandably so, but users will have control over how much of this new feature they use. For instance, users will have the option of whether to even activate this option.


Users will also have the option of selecting which third party apps can communicate with their WhatsApp account. Group chats and calls will not be possible in this feature.


The plan right now is only for text messages, but more may be added later on.


This feature is in line with the Digital Markets Act, which aims at fairness in the Digital Marketing space.


WhatsApp is also working on a privacy feature that prevents users from taking screenshots of other users. This feature is in its beta testing phase, and will soon be available to all users.

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