Inibehe Effiong lambasts Abraham for allegedly using police to witch-hunt her fellow citizen

Human rights lawyer, Inibehe Effiong has cajoled veteran Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham, to arrange for the release of X influencer, Big Ayo, who is currently in police custody, explaining that defamation of character is different from cyberstalking.

Effiong warned that whatever the grievances may be, Abraham as a public figure using the apparatus of an oppressive institution to witch-hunt a fellow Nigerian for insulting her is objectionable.

Big Ayo had claimed that Abraham arrested his mother.

Abraham in her reply stated that she didn’t arrest Big Ayo’s mother but merely reported a case of cybercrime as a concerned citizen.

However, Effiong in an X post on Wednesday, July 10, urged the actress not to be deceived by the police, as most of the so-called cybercrime charges filed because of insults on the internet will be thrown out in court.

He said: “Good morning, @toyin_abraham1

“I am urging you to immediately secure the release of Ayo. Defamation of character is different from cyberstalking. It seems many people do not know this. Don’t let the police deceive you. Most of these so-called cybercrime charges that are being filed because of insults on the internet will be thrown out in court.

“Just on Monday, the Federal High Court in Abuja discharged Agba Jalingo on charges of cyberstalking. Jalingo stood trial for two years because his organization, Cross River Watch, published an article alleging that a relative of the immediate past governor of Cross River State, Ben Ayade, had hired an impersonator to write Law School examination for her.

“The police was very confident that they had a case, but they lost like they mostly do in similar cases. If you feel that you’ve been defamed, approach the civil court.

“Whatever your grievances may be, you are a public figure and a celebrity. Using the apparatus of a corrupt and oppressive State institution to witch-hunt a fellow Nigerian for insulting you is unacceptable.

“I have seen that you also made unpleasant and derogatory comments towards Ayo. How do you think that will play out in the court if the gentleman is arraigned? Are you sure you’re ready to go through the rigors of the court system?

“I hope you’ll listen to the voice of reason before this gets out of hand. I read that the mother of Ayo was also targeted in the process of the police arresting him, if that is the case, you may have just bought yourself a serious lawsuit because arrest in lieu is illegal under the law.

“Do not listen to those cheering you up, even Buhari’s cyberstalking charge against Sowore did not yield anything.

“Do the right thing now.”

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