Implemented policies show that the Tinubu administration cannot change Nigeria’s economic fortunes – Suswam

Former Benue State Governor and Benue North-East Senator in the 9th National Assembly, Gabriel Suswam, said the government of President Bola Tinubu cannot change Nigeria’s economic fortunes.

Suswam made this statement in an interview on Channels Television.

The Benue lawmaker said the government can not take the country out of the current economic misfortune inflicted by his predecessor Muhammadu Buhari.

He said, “Well, it’s rather unfortunate right from the Buhari Government where the mantra of ‘Change’ was the singsong. Unfortunately, people didn’t ask what kind of change he was bringing into governance. Is it positive change or negative change?

“What we experienced under those eight years were what dovetailed into what we’re experiencing today because whatever foundation that was built by the PDP was completely destroyed by that (Buhari) government.

“We now began a journey to the abyss. The state of the nation, economically, is nothing to talk about, it’s unfortunate that the current (Tinubu) leadership does not have what it takes to change the economic fortunes of this country.

“All the economic policies that they’ve engaged in or they have taken clearly indicate that they can’t solve the economic problems of this country. I give you some example, you remove subsidy from day one, you now float your currency, increase interest rate.

“Now the tariff for electricity has been increased. How does an average man survive under those kinds of heavy bad economic policies? First, subsidy itself is a problem, it affects the cost of transportation, cost of production, because you’re dealing with energy, now that has been removed.

“So, the person who is selling foodstuff who now was transporting maybe from inside Abuja at the cost of N5,000 now has to transport that at the cost of N15,000. Where do you think the cost will end? To the consumer. So, inflation in this country is at 31%. It is unheard of!” he said.

According to the Senator, policies like the removal of petrol subsidy, floating of the naira, and increase in electricity tariff, among others, are proof that the government is out to worsen things for the Nigerian masses.

Meanwhile, speaking on the leadership crisis in his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Suswam said he has what is needed to take the party back to its glorious days.

He said the party remains the best one to take Nigeria out of the current economic situation.

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