I lost a partner because I refused premarital sex – Ifuennada

Former Big Brother Naija reality star, Iheme Faith Uloma, popularly known as Ifuennada, has revealed that she lost a relationship because of her stance against premarital sex.

The born again actress shared a video on her Instagram page, narrating how she blatantly stated that “I don’t believe in sex before marriage.”

She captioned the video, “I’ll always say no to premarital s*x even if it breaks my heart. God over man.”

In another post, the reality star stated that she was humiliated, mocked, and even disrespected by her partner because of her stance against premarital sex.

Ifuennada wrote, “Because of my new life, I lost a relationship I invested so much of myself in. In fact, I was humiliated, mocked, and disrespected by this person.

“I’m not gonna lie, I was deeply hurt, but I’ll never choose man over God.

“My goal is to live a life that pleases God no matter who or what I have to say goodbye to.

“God’s plans for me are far better and greater than anything l or anyone could offer me. Jeremiah 29:11”

Last year, Ifuennada recounted how she was in a long-distance relationship four years ago with a man who lived on a different continent.

To prove her worth in the relationship, she often ordered gifts and had them delivered to her ex-partner as a way of cheering him up in his dark days.

To her disappointment, she never received similar treatment, not even when she was marking her birthdays.

Expressing her gratitude, Ifuennada affirmed that it took some realization to exit the ‘stupidity’ she invested in.


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