I have plans to remarry – Ubi Franklin

Popular Nigerian music executive Ubi Franklin has made it clear that he’s still in love with his estranged wife, actress Lilian Esoro.

The 38-year-old artiste manager said this during a recent interactive session with fans on Instagram.

A curious fan asked, “Are you still in love with ur son[‘s] mom, the most beautiful Lilian?”

Franklin replied, “Oh yes! We have a son together and love will always live there.”

He also revealed that he has plans of remarrying while responding to another curious fan.

The fan asked, “Do you have plans of remarrying?” to which Franklin replied, “100 per cent.”

Franklin and Esoro got married in 2015 and separated a year after welcoming their son.

Esoro first filed for divorce in a Lagos High Court, which was denied. Franklin then filed for it in Nigeria’s capital, and after years of back and forth in court, their marriage was officially dissolved on 28 January, 2021.

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