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I have become an evangelist, Doyin Okupe says after surviving cancer twice

The former campaign director for the Labour Party during the 2023 presidential election, Doyin Okupe, has announced his new vocation as an evangelist of Jesus Christ following his recovery from cancer.

Detailing the challenges he faced with cancer, which initially appeared 16 years ago as prostate cancer and recently in the soft tissues of his right shoulder, Okupe highlighted the role of his medical treatment and divine intervention in his recovery.

“The first problem was cancer I had and the chemotherapy makes you lose appetite, you have nausea, and even as you sustain for several months, you lose weight,” he told Channels TV.

Okupe recounted how his weight dropped from 127kg to 97kg during chemotherapy and settled at 103kg after the treatment ended.

“In all these, I bear witness to God and Jesus Christ, I’m a testimony to the fact that there is nothing the Lord God Jehovah can’t do,” Okupe affirmed.

“From now on, I have become an evangelist and a witness for Christ.”

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