I didn’t say Falana threatened to kill me – Mohbad’s father

Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father, has denied saying that renowned rights activist and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Femi Falana threatened to kill him amidst the ongoing controversies surrounding his son Mohbad’s death.

Falana’s law firm, Falana’s Chambers, represents Wunmi Aloba, Mohbad’s widow, in the ongoing legal case for Mohbad’s justice.

Earlier, reports emerged that Aloba accused Falana and his son’s widow of threatening his life.

However, in a statement, Aloba described such claims as ‘falsehoods from the pit of hell.’

The statement partly read: “My attention has been drawn to misleading publications in the social media titled severally as follows: I fear that Femi Falana and Wunmi want to kill me – Mohbad’s father cries out’; ‘Femi Falana, Wunmi threatening to kill me – Mohbad’s father opens up’—‘My daughter-in-law, Falana threatening to kill me’- Mohbad’s father’.

“The above publications are entirely falsehoods from the pit of hell. I never alleged at any time that Mr Femi Falana threatened to kill me, and I do not believe the eminent lawyer will ever be involved in such threats against me.”

Aloba stated that he had contacted Falana to clarify that he had made no such allegations against him.

He said he contacted the human rights lawyer after Wahab Shittu, the lawyer for the Aloba family, briefed him about the allegation.

He added that the allegations were the work of mischief makers.

Mohbad’s father reiterated his commitment to uncovering the circumstances surrounding his son’s death.

He stated that his quest for justice is total and unequivocal, emphasizing that he would not rest until he secures justice for Mohbad.

“This public clarification is necessary because I will not want mischief makers to derail this struggle for justice for Mohbad by bringing me and our family into needless collision with Mr Femi Falana or any other person. I have great respect for the persona of Mr Femi Falana,” he added.

Since Mohbad’s death, his father has insisted on justice, which revolves around obtaining the autopsy before burying his son, as well as DNA testing for Liam, his grandson.

However, a pathologist informed the coroner, during the hearing regarding the circumstances surrounding the singer’s death, that the autopsy conducted couldn’t determine Mohbad‘s cause of death.

The pathologist cited the decomposition of the body and other factors as reasons for not being able to ascertain Mohbad’s cause of death.

In February, Aloba challenged his daughter-in-law to reveal everything she knows about the late singer’s death.

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