How I made $600,000 with a single post – Davido

Nigerian singer Davido has shared how he made $600,000 from his fans during his birthday celebration.

The Afro-fusion star disclosed the remarkable story during an interview, shedding light on the extraordinary generosity displayed by his fanbase.

Davido recounted the genesis of this extraordinary windfall, attributing it to a lighthearted social media post made on the occasion of his birthday.

Having acquired a luxurious Cullinan car, the singer took to his social media page, playfully soliciting financial assistance from his legion of supporters to facilitate the customs clearance of his new vehicle upon its arrival in Nigeria.

Citing the exorbitant costs associated with importing cars into the country, Davido appealed for contributions, sparking an unexpected outpouring of generosity from his ardent followers.

The singer shared that the response to his appeal surpassed all expectations, with fans from far and wide rallying behind him.

According to Davido, with just one post, he was able to rally his fanbase into action, resulting in an overwhelming influx of monetary contributions totaling $600,000.

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