Home childbirth significantly reduces chances of mothers' survival - UNICEF

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Health Officer Oluseyi Olosunde, has warned women against deliveries inside the home, to increase their chances of survival, during and after delivery, Vanguard reports.

Olosunde said this at a Media Dialogue on Wednesday, March 6 in Gombe.

The Health Officer emphasized that homes lack the necessary safety and health facilities and equipment to combat complications that could arise during childbirth.

Olosunde reiterated that according to the data, 60% of children in Nigeria are delivered at home, and most of these deliveries are naturally performed by unskilled delivery attendants, which, though they are well-wishers, still pose a significant risk to the mother and child.

He stated that this trend is contributing substantially to the deteriorating mother and child death rates.

In an earlier address, Dr. Tushar Rane, the Chief of the UNICEF Bauchi Field Office, pointed out the need for gender equality and the well-being of women and girls, in building productive economies and by extension, a productive planet.

Dr. Rane said the gathering was to learn of the outstanding achievements of the community-based women in the health sector, especially those in the Bauchi, Gombe, and Taraba field offices, through the mama2mama initiative.

“Women often act as health advocates and educators within their communities. They raise awareness about health issues and encourage community members to seek healthcare when needed.

“Endowed with the right knowledge, women can effectively lead or participate in community health initiatives, such as vaccination campaigns,” he added.

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