Euro 2024: See what happened to Roberto Baggio as he watched Spain vs Italy

Football legend, Roberto Baggio, was robbed at gunpoint while watching Italy play Spain at the ongoing Euro 2024.

According to Italian outlet Corriere dello Sport, about five armed robbers burst into Baggio’s house near the northern city of Vicenza around 10pm local time on Thursday, June 20.

One intruder hit Baggio on the head with the butt of a gun when the 57-year-old confronted them.

The robbers then locked him and his family in a room while they stole cash, jewellery and watches during the raid, which reportedly lasted for about 40 minutes.

Baggio had a “very brief” scuffle with one of the intruders.

The retired footballer suffered a “deep wound” after being hit on the forehead with the weapon.

However, Baggio was later taken to hospital and received stitches for the wound.

Baggio’s were not harmed during the raid.

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