Don Jazzy inspired me to become influencer – Singer Slimcase

Street sensation and music act, Slimcase has opened up about the important role Don Jazzy played in his transition from singing to content creation and influencing.

In a recent conversation with Naija FM, Lagos, Slimcase shared how Don Jazzy’s versatility and enduring relevance in the entertainment industry inspired him to explore new avenues.

According to Slimcase, his foray into content creation and influencing was a natural progression, rather than a deliberate decision.

He stated that as he continued to create music and observe online trends, he found himself drawn to Don Jazzy’s innovative approach to his career.

He said:

“I didn’t decide to become a content creator/influencer. I just found myself doing it. As I was doing music and seeing trends online, I got inspired by Don Jazzy.”

Slimcase went on to express his admiration for Don Jazzy’s ability to adapt and thrive in various aspects of the entertainment industry, from music to other ventures.

He stated:

“I looked at Don Jazzy’s way of life, from music to other things; how he has stayed relevant through the years and I was inspired. That has really helped me to hold my fans till the right music comes.”

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