Deafness does not affect our offspring - Deaf women in Niger 

Women with hearing disabilities in Niger State have cried out that they give birth to normal children, and their deafness doesn’t affect their reproduction, Premium Times reports.

The women spoke through their leader Salamatu Hammed, during the World Hearing Day celebration on Sunday, March 3.

The women, through Ms. Hammed, implored eligible men to approach them, as their disability does not affect their ability to reproduce or build families.

This cry came because while women with this disability are few, they are neglected.

Hammed said “We are marriage materials like any other woman. We are like any other woman who gives birth to normal children.”

Hammed, though not born deaf, began to have problems when she had an operation. The operation also took her voice.

Hammed is a mother of three and confirms that none of her children have a hearing or speaking impairment, showing that there’s nothing to suggest the mother’s disability will affect the child.

Hammed called on the state government to provide more interpreters at health institutions to enable women with these disability have more access to health care.

The permanent secretary for Special Duties, in NIger State Ministry of Health and Hospital Services also complained of the neglect these individuals are facing in the society, urging people to sometimes put themselves in their shoes, so as to empathize.


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