Davido breaks silence amid alleged $Davido coins fraud

Davido has addressed the growing concerns among his fans about the $Davido coins, a cryptocurrency venture associated with his name.

This comes after numerous fans accused him of being the cause of their financial losses following investments in the token, while a select few reportedly profited.

In his first official statement regarding the matter, Davido took to the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, to discuss the $Davido coins and to encourage his followers to join the associated community.

“Join the community $DAVIDO! More spaces coming soon and you’ll be REALLY excited by who we got coming up next! @davidotoken_sol,” he said.

Further emphasizing his involvement and transparency, Davido shared another post detailing a recent event where he demonstrated the use of his cryptocurrency

“Those who joined the space with me and @blknoiz06 got to witness me creating my @phantom wallet and receive $100 via the @solana network in a matter of seconds!” he added.

This series of posts marks Davido’s first public engagement on the issue since allegations of fraud and mismanagement began to circulate.

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