#CHIVIDO2024: The wedding should have been held in the Chioma’s hometown – Dee One rants

The just-concluded wedding ceremony of Davido and Chioma has caused a stir for comedian Dee One, who expressed his concerns about upholding tradition in a lengthy rant.

In his video, Dee One mentioned that he expected the wedding to take place in Chioma’s hometown, as is customary in Igbo tradition.

He argued that hosting the wedding in the East would have stimulated the local economy.

Dee One criticized the Igbo community, suggesting that their choice of venue contradicted their reputation for being business-minded.

He reminded Nigerians of the importance of wealth, implying that traditional norms only bend for the rich. He claimed that Igbo culture is divided into two: one set of rules for the wealthy and another for those without money.

Dee One used Davido’s wealth to illustrate his point, noting that Davido did not travel to the East for the wedding, enjoying the privileges that come with his status.

Davido and Chioma’s wedding was a grand success, attended by many dignitaries. The Governor of Lagos State, Sanwo Olu, extended his congratulations via social media, and Davido’s uncle, Governor Ademola Adeleke of Ogun State, was seen celebrating enthusiastically on the dance floor with his nephew.

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