Ashmusy breaks silence on VeryDarkMan’s allegations

Ashmusy has denied all the accusations made by Verydarkman, saying she would never scam a brand that trusted her with money.

Ashmusy refuted claims made by well-known influencer and critic VeryDarkMan, who said that she turned down a sizable reimbursement meant to promote a brand.

According to VeryDarkMan, Ashmusy accepted N1 million from the brand and asked for an extra N1.5 million. When things didn’t work out, she allegedly promised to return the money within two to six weeks.

He further stated that Ashmusy had broken her promise and had threatened to flee the country if the police was to get involved.

She asserted that her brand integrity is crucial and that in her seven years as an influencer, she has aired over a thousand commercials without any problems.

Ashmusy praised her supporters for their love and understanding while reassuring them that the issue will be resolved.

See her Instagram post below:

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